Albertans Protecting Albertans

In a world littered with security companies, what sets us apart? 

Maxx Security Services was founded by Albertans in 2021 based upon a dream to be different. We are culture focused and embrace diversity. Our team believes in family and community. We have all been witness to subpar management and practices, feeling like a number and not an important piece of the organization. The result is high turnover and unhappy dissatisfied staff. For you, the client, it means not knowing who your guard will be each day and encountering poorly trained personnel requiring micromanaging.

Our goal is to provide the best services possible throughout the province of Alberta. We have been supported by the amazing people of this province and we want to give back and protect them. With a diverse background in security and management across our executive team, we utilize up to date training and equipment to give any client whether large or small, an outstanding security experience. We pride ourselves in giving back to the community and believe that if you are blessed, you are to bless back. We are out and about in the homeless and senior community giving back whenever we can. To effectively provide security services you must understand the communities you will be working with.  In addition, we support and advocate for our military and emergency frontline workers.

Our Team

Kenneth Rodgers

President and Owner

Kenneth Rodgers has over 25 years of experience in management, supervisory and ownership roles within a variety of companies in Alberta. After joining the security field over 6 years ago, he quickly saw the issues that a lot of security guards have and the need for respect from their employer. This was when the decision to start a security company that will respect and protect the rights of race, gender and sexual preferences of all guards and make this the core of this company. He truly believes in providing a safe place to work while protecting Alberta companies with a professional attitude, a professional look, and professional experienced staff. Albertans protecting Albertans is essential.

Tina Rodgers

CEO and Owner

Tina Rodgers has 25 years of experience in social work and criminology with multiple roles in management in the private and public sectors, and non-profit organizations. She is a highly motivated professional who is multicultural, with impeccable leadership qualities. Tina gained respect in the security field through her understanding that a safe place to work is a great place to be and that happy employees consistently provide high quality, reliable service to clients. In one instance she reduced security company employee complaints by over 60%. 

Tina lives the motto of treating others as you would like to be treated. Over the years she noted that qualified candidates were frequently denied growth opportunities, often due to discrimination. She embraces diversity and has an uncanny ability to motivate and grow people. As an avid community advocate with a heart to make a difference Tina is presently a career coach/family violence coordinator supporting newcomers to Canada. 

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