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Security Services

If you’re keen to work with a company that puts you and your requirements first, be sure to contact us today to find out exactly what we can do for you. When you hire Maxx Security Services you don’t need to worry. No hidden costs, you simply sign a contract with us, and we’ll supply the security guards you need.

We offer a “buddy system“ we will accompany, safeguard you, and usher you to your location of choice while adapting the covid19 protocol requirements.


If you’re looking to hire security guards to maintain a presence at a block of apartments or a condo, hiring a security guard that has been trained thoroughly is a cost-effective measure to take. All our security guards have been trained to the highest possible standard, ensuring they know how to handle any potential situation that may arise. As well as being trained in security tactics, Maxx Security Services guards are also trained in secondary duties such as concierge duties. With 24-hour onsite security, you meet your safety requirements, and your tenants can rest easy knowing they are safe.


With an ever-changing world, Maxx Security Services will not only be a visual deterrent to decrease your shrinkage but will also be a viable asset in assisting with maintaining COVID protocols. Our guards excel in communication and security deportment and understand that, to your customer base, we are a representative of your company as well. Our guards are friendly and professional to protect what matters most – you, the client.


Our security guards work very well as concierges in many scenarios. If you’re looking to hire security guards to maintain a presence in an office environment, hiring a security guard that has been trained as a concierge is a cost-effective measure to take. Our guards are experienced in working within the corporate sector. We provide front desk duties, contractor watches, ID card services, patrolling, and CCTV monitoring. Contact us today to inquire about how Maxx Security Services can personalize your security experience.

Fire Watch

At the most vulnerable time, leave the worrying to us. We tailor our patrol services to your exact needs. The best way to find out exactly what we can do for you is to contact us immediately. All our security guards are trained to the highest possible standard and are ready 24 hours for your emergency needs. The staff that we employ are the best in the business. We provide accurate reports for your insurance investigative needs and ensure that NO ONE enters the site unless pre-authorized by the investigators.

Mobile Patrol

Maxx Security Services only employs the best and we believe our guards should drive the best. We have marked security trucks and cars for all your needs. Whether our security guards are providing alarm response to a building or providing a back country pipeline patrol, we have the right vehicle for the task. Call us today to inquire about adding your business to our mobile Security routes.  

Alarm Response

When the alarm goes off at your business, feel confident that Maxx Security Services will provide a quick response and handle the situation appropriately. We will ensure you receive an accurate description of events and notify you of any additional resources required at the time of the call.


Construction sites are a prime location for theft. We at Maxx security Services put our customers and clients at the forefront of everything we do. It doesn’t matter which of our security services you take advantage of; it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a client. What does matter is that we’ll go above and beyond to deliver on every single promise we make. With vehicles fit for any site and weather, our guards with arrive on site and maintain a secure and safe work environment. We can provide mobile site visits, ID Card services, gate duties and assist with security procedure orientations. Call us today to inquire about all your needs.

Covid Security

Covid Security guards play a vital role as frontline workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to keeping buildings safe from crime, they also contribute to the efforts of limiting the spread of the virus within their area of responsibility. At Maxx Security Services all our guards have been vaccinated and take covid procedures very seriously. They have been trained with protocols in mind providing customer counts, mask enforcement, patient watch, and much more.

Family Security Services

If you are experiencing family issues such as a child custody case, supervised visit,divorce, or accompanied possession retrievals, Maxx Security Services will work with you to find an affordable security solution for you and your family. We have trained personnel who understand family matters and the complications that may arise. Consider our Buddy System, contact us today to see how Maxx Security Services can assist you in your time of need and provide you with safe non-judgmental security.

And Much More

We offer various security solutions to our valued clients in Alberta. We also offer general uniformed security guards, fire camp and regular camp guards both on a permanent or part-time basis. No matter what your requirements are, we’ll be able to help you. Please, pick up the phone today or email us right away. Here at Maxx Security Services, we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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